Shipping, Shipowner and Operative Ships

PMSC S.A. can provide Ship Owner Consultancy Assistance, Ships Technical & Commercial Evaluation, Ports and Terminals Compatibility and Operative Solutions.

  • Risk assessment study for FSRU, FSU, FSRPU and FLNG according to IGC Code requirement.
  • Risk assessment study for Gas Carrier: LNG Carrier, LPG Carrier, Ethane Carrier, Ethylene Carrier etc.. according to IGC Code requirement.
  • Risk assessment study for Ships using Gases or other Low-Flashpoint Fuels according to IGF Code requirement.
  • Independent and suitable third party for validation of the risk assessment process as required by IGC Code and IGF Code


  • Ship-Shore and Ship to Ship compatibility analysis for: LNG CarrierFSRUFSU, FSRPULPG Carrier and Product/Crude Oil Carrier according to OCIMF/SIGTTO recommendation and MEG4 criteria and requirement.
  • Ship’s mooring analysis, both Static and Dynamic, by Optimoor performed according to OCIMF/SIGTTO MEG4 requirements and recommendations.
  • Terminal Mooring optimization and analysis inclusive of Passing Ship effects.
  • Berthing and un-berthing maneuvers dynamic simulations.
  • Ship2Ship Operation simulation and analysis for Side by Side mooring.
  • Single Buoy Mooring (SBM) Operation simulation, mooring design and optimization.


  • Operative Performance Condition Survey, in order to evaluate the technical and operative performance of a vessel during commercial operation. This survey has been developed in order to provide a Third Parties check and validation on ships Commercial Performances, before signing a time charter agreement. Mainly for LNG Carrier; LPG Carrier and Oil/Product Tanker.
  • Tanker Performance Report “TPR” according to ISGOTT criteria and recommendations. A screening and evaluation process of tanker quality on navigation, moorings, cargo handling, pollution prevention, safety management, crew proficiency, and general vessel appearance.


  • Ship’s inspection and Hull & Machinery Condition Survey for any kind of ship, with specific expertise for LNG Carrier, LPG Carrier and Oil/Product Tanker, Chemical Carrier, F(P)SO, and FSRU.
  • On-Hire and Off-Hire Survey as well as preliminary Survey for any kind of vessels and barges.
  • Ship’s inspection finalized to Vessel Evaluation.


  • Ship Management
  • To provide Technical Management for ships and to provide Technical Assistance for ship management.
  • Hazardous Material Survey, Analysis, Evaluation and Reporting for ship to be scrapped according to Hong Kong Convention and latest IMO Requirements.
  • Expertise assistance during claim and/or litigations, involving any kind of ships and shipping activity.
  • Consulting activities, as Technical Advisors, on shipping financing projects.
  • Consulting activity and technical assistance about Vetting Inspection and compliance to Oil Companies Minimum Safety Criteria as well as about TMSA evaluation and improvements.
  • Consulting activity and technical assistance about US Coast Guard Compliance and any kind of Port State Control.



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