Training courses

Behavioral Business Coaching for Seafarers and Shipping Technical Personnel

Our Coaches will train your Personnel to get the best results from each situation.

We propose you the following training sessions:

  • PSC INSPECTION: managing the visit and the relationship with Port State Control Authorities.
  • VETTING INSPECTION: managing the visit and the relationship with Vetting Inspector.
  • BEST TARGETING AND TUNING YOUR PERSONNEL: dedicated to Top Management onshore and on-board

These training courses are developed in cooperation with G&P Change Management and are normally tailored according to Company procedures


Technical Training for Seafarers and Shipping Technical Personnel

PMSC S.A. can design and perform special training courses to Seafarers and shipping technical Personnel, providing experienced teachers

Among our courses dedicated to Tanker and Gas Carrier Safety and Cargo Handling as well as to Ballast Water Management and Techniques we have design and realized one of the first training course in Mediterranean Area dedicated to the use of  LNG as Fuel on commercial vessels:

  • LNG AS FUEL: a specialized training course for Technicians, Seafarers and LNG Bunkering Operator according to IMO and IGF requirements

In cooperation with Italian Maritime Academy we have designed and realized a 600 hours Training Course dedicated to prepare and qualify Petty Officer Personnel to the role of Gas Carrier Gas Handling Technician

Our Personnel have a wide teaching experience:

  • Visiting professor on Engineering and architectural structural curse 
  • Lecturer at IMO – IMSSEA Academy 


Upon request, all our Training Courses can be tailored to Ship Owner’s needs and can be performed at Ship Owner offices or facilities



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