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pdf HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM FOR LNG POWERED VESSEL - The paper describe a cold energy recovery system that vaporizes and heats up the LNG for feeding the engine, and utilizes the cooled down heat exchange media as cooling agent for air conditioning & refrigerating plants. The system is Patented and it's Approved in Principle by DNV- GL according to IMO – IGC & IGF Codes.
pdf INVESTIGATION ON FATIGUE CORROSION OR FATIGUE STRESS CORROSION ON A PROPELLER SHAFT - The aim of this paper is to present an investigation on a fatigue stress corrosion phenomenon of a propeller shaft. The area where damages were found (propeller shaft close to the seal) is described together with working conditions of the whole propulsion plant. Then non-destructive and destructive tests methods used in order to evaluate, localize and characterize damages are explained.
pdf STATE OF THE ART ABOUT BARGES - State of art about Barges. Focusing on typologies of their structure and their use. Inclusive of a general overview on this kind of transports
pdf BARGE TOWING DESIGN - Making reference to the paper “State of the art about barges" in this paper are described all the main characteristic of the barge towing design.