July 2020 – PMSC S.A. can perform Dynamic Simulations and analysis of Mooring Systems

It’s becoming greater and greater into the Shipping World the sensitivity to safety and reliability of ship’s mooring.

Some years ago the only two International Organisations dealing with mooring system performance, safety and effectiveness were OCIMF & SIGTTO. Nowadays also Classification Societies, Port Authorities and some Local Legislation are facing the necessity to evaluate and guarantee, under given or specific environmental condition, the mooring capability of the vessels.

PMSC S.A. knowledge, experience, capability and computational facilities can help Ship-Owners and Ship Operators in evaluating and improving, as and if necessary, the effectiveness of their Ship’s mooring systems.

PMSC S.A. can perform mooring analysis and evaluations both in static and dynamic conditions. Ranging from traditional mooring to Single Buoy Mooring and to Ship to Ship transfer mooring operations.

For Ports, Harbour and Terminal we can also perform passing ship analysis on moored vessels.

All the computations are performed according to International Standards and Requirements with the use of Optimoor® software in its most updated Dynamic version.

For any necessities and more information, please contact us at:  technical@pmsc.ch