Inshore and Offshore Activities

PMSC S.A. offers, moreover, a complete service for onshore and offshore structures, infrastructures and industrial plants.
Starting from the concept design and feasibility study, through the FEED, the EPC development scenario, the contract monitoring and, last but not least, the integrity monitoring during the construction and at the end of works

  • Design and work directions of civil and industrial works
  • Design and work directions of naval and off-shore works
  • Design and work directions of Maritime and Coastal works
  • Design and work directions of Ports and Terminal facilities
  • Design and wok direction of Shore Protection
  • Design and work directions of Export and Receiving Terminal for LNG, Crude Oil, Products, Condensate and Chemical 
  • Terminal Mooring Design inclusive of Dynamic simulation and Wave Response Analysis
  • Lad Out Analysis and Calculation for any king of heavy transportation
  • Heavy Lifting analysis, design and assistance
  • Works Integrity Monitoring regarding structures and contracts
  • Technical consultancies for State Prosecutors
  • Visiting professors on Engineering and architectural structural curse


Dedicated Portfolio


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